The project

The development in computer hardware during the last decades has provided engineering designers with enough computing power to solve multi-physical problems. This creates a potential to analyse and design engineering apparatus in further details resulting in more advanced technology provided that the software capabilities follow the available computational resources.

SEMTEC project aims at developing solution methods and methodologies for magnetomechanical coupled problems in energy conversion devices and especially rotating electrical machines. The main focus is on the coupling between electromagnetics, mechanics, noise, thermodynamics, and fluid flow. The purpose is to produce innovative and accurate methods to reduce vibrations and noise, and to improve the energy efficiency of the devices. These problems are mostly three-dimensional and computationally very expensive, which drives us to develop the said solutions in the open-source finite element software Elmer. The parallel performance of the simulation code is essential in obtaining acceptable simulation times.

SEMTEC is partially funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The participants of the project include VTT, CSC, Aalto, TUT, LUT, and seven companies of the magnetomechanical industry. The project is carried out in close cooperation between research and industry partners.